1- Gynecology history, Obstetric history, Dr. Ajori


2- Physical Examination, Dr. Yaghmaei


3- Screening and preventive care, Dr. Ajori


4- Embryology of genital system, Dr. Kazemi


5- Anatomy of female genital tract, Dr. Abbasi


6- Maternal-fetal physiology, Dr. Pour ansari


7- Preconception Counseling and care, Dr. Yassaei


8- Antepartum care, Dr. Afrakhteh


9- Specific techniques of fetal assesment, Dr. Pour ansari


10- Antepartum patient education, Dr. Naeiji


11- Risk factors for genetic disorders, prenatal screening, Dr. Ariyana


12- Intrapartum care, Dr. Behforouz


13- Abnormal labor, Dr. Saleh gar gar


14- Intrapartum fetal surveilance, Dr. Mirza moradi


15- Immmediate care of the new born, Dr. Naeiji


16- Postpartum care, Dr. Yassaei


17- Postpartum Hemorragee, Dr. Afrakhteh


18- Multi fetal gestation, Dr. Mirza moradi


19- Intrauterine growth restriction, Dr. Saleh gar gar


20- Macrosomia, Dr. S.Hosseini


21- Preterm labor, Dr. Nouri


22- Third trimester bleeding, Dr. Naeini


23- Premature rupture of membrane, Dr. Barouti


24- Post term pregnancy, Dr. Naeini


25- Ectopic pregnancy and abortion, Dr. Taheri panah


26- Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, Dr. Shabani


27- Thyroid disease in pregnancy, Dr. Faghih


28- Gastrointestinal & hepatic disorders in pregnancy, Dr. Darvish


29- Urinary tract disorders, Dr. S.Hosseini


30- Surgical conditions in pregnancy, trauma in pregnancy, Dr. Nazari


31- Cardiovascular and respiratory Disorders, Dr. Abbasi


32- Hematologic and immunologic complcations, Dr. Shabani


33- Infection disease in pregnancy, Dr. Behforouz


34- Neurologic disorders in pregnancy, Dr. Jahed


35- Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy, Dr. Nazari


36- Contraception, Dr. Taheri panah


37- Sterilization, Dr. Heydar


38- Vulvovaginitis, Dr. Yaghmaei


39- Sexually transmitted infections, Dr. Moridi


40- Pelvic support defects, urinary incontinence and urinary iract infection, Dr. Darvish


41- Endometriosis, Dr. Saleh pour


42- Dymenorrhea and chronic pelvic pain, Dr. Sahar khiz


43- Disorders of the breast, Dr. Arab 1, 2


44- Sexual assault and rape, Dr. Jahed


45- Reproductive cycles, Dr. Zademodarres


46- Puberty, Dr. Heydar


47- Amenorrhea and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Dr. Zademodarres


48- Hirstism and virilization, Dr. Sahar khiz


49- Menopause, Dr. Moridi


50- Infertility, Dr. Saleh pour


51- Premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, Dr. Nouri


52- Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia, Dr. Ganjoei


53- Vulvar and vaginal disease and neoplasia, Dr. Farzaneh


54- Cervical Neoplasia and carcinoma, Dr. Farzaneh


55- Uterine leiomyoma and Neoplasia, Dr. Hosseini


56- Cancer of the uterine corpus, Dr. Arab 1, 2    


57- Ovarian and adnexal disease, Dr. Ganjoei




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